Meet the Team

Editor in Chief

Kara Anderson is a fourth-year from Sacramento, CA majoring in sociology and concentrating in sociological research methods. Her coursework and thesis research focus particularly on using quantitative methods and data science to study stratification, law, and public policy. In the future, she plans to pursue a socio-legal research career as a JD/PhD advocating for access to justice. When she’s not studying, Kara enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, and exploring new coffee shops.

Editor in Chief

Sienna Bishop is a sophomore intending to major in psychology from Orange County, California. She is particularly interested in learning about substance abuse and mental health issues within psychology, and she appreciates the cross-disciplinary perspective sociology brings her in better understanding the human condition. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music and going to concerts, trying out new restaurants, watching movies, and exploring new coffee shops with friends.

Co-Director of Public Relations

Angelica Lee is a third-year undergraduate student studying Legal Studies and Public Policy. Her academic interests include the social impacts of science, the justice system, and racial equity. In the future, she hopes to practice criminal, environmental, or intellectual property law as an attorney. When she is not working, she loves watching CW shows like The Flash, listening to indie electronic music, and reading dystopian fiction novels.

Co-Director of Public Relations

Trisha Tan is a fourth-year student studying Sociology and Spanish at Cal. She is interested in race relations, specifically in the context of Asian American history, and the criminalization of people of color. Her favorite sociological theories include racial formation (Omi and Winant) and racialized capitalism (Du Bois). After graduating, she hopes to attend law school and pursue a career as a public defender. In addition to her love of sociology, her hobbies include dancing, writing, and trying new foods. When not in class, she splits her time between Esh 240, Zellerbach Hall, and TPTea.

Brianna Blair is a third year Sociology major from Fairfield, California. Her attraction to Sociology stems from her ability to use this field of study in a way that helps her make sense of her individual lived experiences within a larger social context. Eleven has allowed her to gain a different insider perspective on the research process, and she hopes to build upon this newfound knowledge with her future research endeavors. After Undergrad, she hopes to go on to get her Masters and eventually a PhD in the social sciences, but maybe after she travels the world first. In her free time, she likes to watch new TV shows (currently binging This Is Us) while eating yummy desserts.

Charlie Abbott is a second year student studying Sociology and Human Rights!  Charlie absolutely loves Sociology, even though he's only been exposed to the field for about a year now.  Charlie is passionate about advocating for members of the LGBTQ+ community and underrepresented communities.  Charlie hopes to pursue a legal degree one day in order to help put these passions to work!  Outside of school, Charlie loves to watch Dance Moms, go to spin classes, and search for the cheapest possible flights to give himself an excuse to travel!

Monica Gao is a first-year student with intended majors in Sociology and Political Science. Her academic interests include gender inequality, social theories, and international politics. Monica hopes to develop a critical perspective and to learn more about undergraduate research through her editorial position at Eleven. In the near future, Monica wants to conduct her own sociological research that hopefully will be published in Eleven!

Silvia Munoz is a third-year student studying Sociology and Spanish. Her academic interests focus on the sociology of sexual violence in the production of power within employment environments, specifically on the effects of sexual violence within environments where the majority of employees are immigrants. Once she graduates, Silvia intends to study civil rights law at law school. She can be found drawing, reading, and watching historical and political shows on television in her free time.

Sofia Lizardi is a second year Sociology major from LA. She is interested in studying the intersection of race and class, specifically as it impacts the LGBT+ community. Although Sofia intends to pursue a Master’s Degree and PhD in Sociology, her dream is to teach at the university level. In her free time, she enjoys playing rugby and doing yoga.

Thais Fonseca Cruz is a Brazilian sociology major exchange student. She is doing her undergraduate studies in her hometown university, the University of Brasilia, in Brazil. Thais has been enjoying her time at Cal doing a research about the Brazilian community in the Bay Area while living the authentic college life. 

Alexandra Ro is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Cal studying Sociology. Her academic interests include intergroup perceptions and conflict between Asian Americans and other minority groups and the effects of identity, assimilation, and the racial hierarchy on such dynamics. She hopes to pursue a PhD in Sociology and work in academia to bring underrepresented Asian American subgroups into the literature regarding interracial politics. Outside of school, she enjoys visiting museums, baking, journaling, and dancing.

Fiona Yim is a first-year student Urban Studies major from San Francisco, California. Her academic interests include gentrification, affordable housing, and public transportation. In the future, she hopes to work in social science research or city planning to create more equitable urban environments. In her free time, Fiona enjoys watching Marvel movies, reading Jane Austen novels, and listening to Fall Out Boy.

Jessica Arevalo is a third year intended Public Health and Public Policy minor from Los Angeles, California. Her academic interests include social movements and social justice, as well as health inequities among marginalized and low-income communities. Jessica hopes to continue advocating for communities by shifting research to be more inclusive and by bringing issues to the table when discussing strategies that address health disparities. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, listening to music, and going to the beach. If she isn’t doing any of these things, you can always catch her making coffee to study for classes

Jesus Suarez is a third-year transfer undergraduate student studying sociology. His academic interests include the study of social movements, civic engagement, epistemology, and anything related to social justice. He one day hopes to start a non-profit that gives back the communities he grew up with. Within Eleven, he hopes to contribute to publishing’s outreach efforts and social media presence in order to expand the audience of the journal. When he is not studying, he can most likely be found wandering campus while listening to Florence + the Machine or endlessly scrolling through dog videos on Instagram.

Julia Manetta is a second-year intended Political Economy and Public Policy minor. Her interests include international and human rights law, data and technology politics, and social movements. In her free time, Julia loved to hike in the Berkeley hills with friends, go on runs, and try new food.

Kyle Achico is a third-year undergraduate student studying sociology. His academic interests include social media and its relation to society. He is interested in multimedia and loves to explore ideas through film, photography and graphic design. With Eleven, he hopes to gain real-world experience to help build the foundations of his future career. When he is not studying, he is usually cooking because he is always hungry. When he is not eating, he is usually looking for new recipes to cook or new restaurants to visit.

Mallika Saxena is a first year undergraduate student at Cal who is double majoring in MCB and Psychology. Her academic passions include helping groups who come from low socioeconomic status' through education and understanding how mental health plays a role specifically in the lives of teenagers. Through Eleven, she hopes to be exposed to the field of sociology and would like to learn how sociology plays a role in medicine. After college, Mallika plans on attending medical school and pursuing a career in neurology. In her free time, she can be found hanging out with friends, taking photos, or finding a new restaurant to try.

Megan Rich is a third-year undergraduate student at Cal studying Sociology and Legal Studies. Her academic passions include the development and continuation of the feminist movement as well as the implications the law has on society, politics, and mental health. She hopes to one day work in public policy to advocate for gender equity. In her free time, Megan enjoys going to concerts, playing with her dogs, and jogging through new places.


Selina Knowles (she/they) is a senior at Cal studying sociology. She joined Eleven to develop PR skills and is looking forward to getting to know the team. When Selina isn’t buried in readings for class, she can be caught crocheting and making plans to move abroad with her girlfriend.

Sofia Daniels is a fourth year undergraduate at Cal double majoring in Film & Media and Anthropology. She is fascinated with the intersection of digital media and anthropology and is passionate about digging into social and environmental justice issues through authentic and unconventional visual storytelling and collaborative ethnographic interventions. In her free time she enjoys cooking and eating lots of delicious food, listening to music, and spending time outdoors.

Wynnie Chan is a second-year undergraduate student studying Sociology. She is interested in social psychology, social networks and digital media, and understanding the world through a larger perspective. Through Eleven, she hopes to gain experience in Public Relations and learn more about sociology in a community setting. When she is not studying, Wynnie is often playing video games, listening to lo-fi music, or looking at cute raccoon photos!