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The Undergraduate Journal of Sociology publishes excellent sociological papers written by current and recent UC Berkeley undergraduates, as well as undergraduates from across the nation and countries such as Canada and Norway. A student-run publication, the journal provides an academic forum that highlights outstanding scholarship in the social sciences. In the spirit of Marx’s Eleventh Thesis on Feuerbach that mandates one to engender constructive change, the journal offers opportunities for an intellectual space that encourages critical engagement with the world

The Leadership Team

We take the first step.


Claire McBride is a fourth-year undergraduate studying Cognitive Science and German.  She is intrigued by all aspects of the human experience – from the nexus of psychological and sociological behaviors to the interplay of sociocultural relations on an international scale.  Passionate about social justice and equity, Claire is very interested in understanding the root causes of societal inequalities in order to seek pertinent and effective ways to mitigate them.  In her free time, Claire loves to travel, row, read, and learn new things.  She is excitedly looking forward to the 2017-2018 year with Eleven!

Managing Editor

Laurel Bard is a third-year Sociology and Society & Environment double major. She plans to specialize in global environmental policy, and is particularly interested in political sociology. She strongly believes that political and environmental problems have to be approached from an interdisciplinary lens, and she hopes that by using sociology to gain an understanding of the workings of both international and domestic institutions, she will better be able to understand how to mobilize the global community to tackle climate change. When she’s not doing readings for her classes, Laurel enjoys hiking, camping, and reading books by Edward Abbey, especially at the same time.

The Editorial Team

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Senior Editor

Shirin Purkayastha is a fourth-year Sociology major. She lives her day to day life with the intention of expanding the depths of her sociological imagination, in every way possible. Using an intersectional lens, her primary areas of interest include, oppression within academia, student identity, the creation of symbolic boundaries, construction of deviant identities, and informal practices of social control. When Shirin isn’t busy pondering (or challenging) the intellectual brilliance of Durkheim, C. Wright Mills, or  Howard S. Becker, she enjoys lifting heavy objects at the RSF, and perusing yelp in pursuit of palatable brunch locations.

Senior Editor

Tianyi Qian comes from China and is a recent graduate from Berkeley. She studied Sociology and Media Studies. Her research interests lie in social movements and political sociology. Apart from her passion for Sociology, she also enjoys philosophy and films. Although not a trained artist, she likes doing pencil sketches and is good at entertaining herself with good books and music!

Sumeet Bedi is a senior at UC Berkeley majoring in Sociology with a keen focus on public policy. Mainly, he is concerned with the relationship between how the enactment of certain policies coincide with or rival the attitudes and behaviors that everyday people display in response to said policies. In this regard, domestic social policies concerning things like social welfare are among the most sociologically fascinating sorts of policy. Things like labor regulation, protection of people’s social services, the ebb and flow of religious thought in politics, and the clash on abortion are some of the many things that draw into mind the importance of Sociology and its ability to help mold important public policies. When he’s not lost in thought about Sociological theory and practicality, Sumeet likes to relax by watching Netflix, especially shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother, and Twitch, where he watches streams mainly of top players of the video game Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U.




Dakota Brewer is a third-year student majoring in Sociology. Approaching sociology primarily from his own experiences, Dakota’s interested in researching youth incarceration, issues surrounding mental health treatment in the United States, as well as structural issues regarding Education. He loves social theory and hopes in bettering his understanding of it he can elucidate and facilitate an understanding of the many social issues he’s interested in. When he’s not busy bugging his friends to study Marx with him, he enjoys playing guitar and noisily jamming out punk rock songs in garages with like-minded musicians.





Chris Chung is a third-year sociology major who transferred to UC Berkeley from Mt. San Antonio College. His academic interests include comparative inequality, social deviance, and criminology which he has been able to conduct research on and present at multiple symposiums throughout his college experience. In his free time, Chris enjoys writing original piano compositions, playing the saxophone, cooking, and relaxing by playing video games.



Annie Fay is a junior, and recent transfer to Berkeley from LA; originally from New Zealand, she has been living in California for 5 years now. Annie is interested in history, ethnic studies, and foreign policy; these are the topics that drew her to major in sociology, and she will later pursue in her own research. As both an international, and returning student, Annie hopes to bring a unique perspective to Eleven, and to the Cal community at large.



Julia Matthews is in her second year here at Cal, and hails from the Bay Area originally. She is an intended Rhetoric major and hopes to complete both Spanish and Public Policy minors. She is passionate about all things having to do with writing and editing, and is interested in specifically studying the craft of writing, as well social justice topics, such as the modern carceral state. Outside of classes, she can be found on campus reading in her favorite libraries, enjoying Berkeley’s beautiful trails, or singing with her a cappella group!



Julia Mes is a third-year transfer student studying sociology. She is interested in the behavior of individuals as well as societal inequalities regarding gender and food insecurities. She is passionate about clean eating and hopes to help other students have access to healthy foods; volunteering at the Berkeley Student Food Collective and the UC Berkeley food pantry. She is excited to be a part of the growing body of research within sociology. Julia enjoys playing guitar, writing poetry, and spending her time outside.

Jessie Ying is a second-year international student from China majoring in sociology and minoring in journalism. Her academic interests include social inequality, social theories, and sociology of gender. She’s also interested in investigative reporting and data journalism. In her free time, she loves to watch movies (especially sci-fi) and tennis.

Raquel Zitani-Rios is a third-year undergraduate student studying sociology and education. She is interested in how larger systems, patterns, and norms influence individual experiences. Furthermore, how dynamics such as gender, sexuality, geographic location, race, and different forms of capital all impact identity-making. As a former college level statistics tutor and current sociology tutor, she developed a love for educating. She is particularly passionate about learning how stratification within educational institutions can impact life trajectories. Moreover, the intersectionality among unequal access to educational resources, as well as the varying structural functions of education. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her cats, exploring small coastal cities around California, drinking margaritas and/or cheap champagne, and going to concerts.



The Public Relations Team

Ensuring our call is heard.

Director of Public Relations 

Juliana Zhao is a third-year undergraduate student studying Economics and Business Administration. Specifically, she is interested in the international aspects of these subjects both in learning and application. In alignment with her passion to travel the world, she hopes to find a future career that fulfills her desire to see the cultures and sights across the globe, while aiding in the betterment of the world. As a girl from Colorado, she enjoys a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking and snowboarding. Her interests also include listening to music, traveling, and photography.



Marianne Motus is a fourth-year student majoring in Sociology. As a Bay Area native, she is interested in the intersection of sociology and technology and how they shape each other. This semester, she is working as a student project manager with the Berkeley Institute for Data Science. When her time isn’t consumed by social theory, she enjoys cortados, looking for analog photo booths and taking naps.



Inika Sharma is a fourth year studying Psychology with a minor in Rhetoric. She is most interested in learning about the development of mental disorders in late childhood and early adolescence and is part of several mental health and peer counseling organizations at Cal. She finds the impact of the post-colonial patriarchal society and of technological advancement (and resulting limitations of privacy) on people’s self-schemas and internal beliefs fascinating. She loves having passionate conversations about mental health stigma and feminism, and sometimes it can be hard to stop her from slipping into a rant, especially if it comes to the topic of othering. She loves film and has watched more Hitchcock films than strictly necessary. In her free time, she likes to travel, and as a result spent this summer traveling between India, Japan, and USA. During the semester she unwinds by exploring San Francisco, watching scary documentaries and finding shows to obsess over on Netflix. 



Pilar Montenegro is a second-year transfer Sociology student. Her academic interests include formal and informal policing, social movement dynamics, gentrification, and immigration/documentation. In her time outside of school, she works for the Oral History Center on campus transcribing, proofreading, and summarizing primary source material. She is also a microfilm research team lead for a Ph.D. student who is researching gentrification and the way it’s understood in the media; On weekends, she is a volunteer at the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant. In addition, she feels passionately about promoting formal education and healthcare as fundamental human rights that should be accessible to everyone. When not spending time on academic and social pursuits, she enjoys reading books and watching films of horror, sci-fi, and/or fantasy.



Kathy Park is a junior transfer student majoring in sociology while pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology at the Sutardja Center. Her research interests include sociology of business and institutionalized inequality. Passionate about education, she tutors sociological theory at the Student Learning Center and serves as an advising fellow to low-income high school students. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the hidden gems of a city, absorbing vitamin D on beaches, listening to music, and photography.



Jasmine Monfared is a third-year transfer majoring in Sociology and minoring in Journalism. Her academic interests range widely and vary from topics on sexual and gender violence, the psychological effects of media and literature, and children’s education. She spends most of her time reading non-fiction, but enjoys writing creatives pieces ranging from poetry to film scripts. As an extrovert, she loves to socialize and carries a conversation with everyone. You’ll usually find her on Sproul questioning people for the Daily Californian, checking out Berkeley’s newest eateries with some friends, or in the hallways of Barrows.